Because of the Outlast fandom, I’ve made some awesome friends and I appreciate that. uwu

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My friend is buying me Rooster Teeth things. o v o

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window theme!! 

preview 1 \ preview 2 \ preview 3 \ 
autoplay warning in 3rd preview! its also pretty straining to look at

code )

  • 250 / 300 / 400 post size
  • posts on left, right or center
  • you can open the sidebar to reveal another image! so cool
  • theres a quote thing that appears on text and quote posts, you can turn it on or off
  • 3 sidebar styles
  • optional small update tab 
  • optional custom cursor
  • faded images option
  • infinite scroll / pagination
  • and more ;;
  • and it looks best in light colors!! :D
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[1/5 video games] The Wolf Among Us

I’ve heard stories about you. In the old days; how you picked off those men one by one. Oh, how they screamed. “The wolf is coming.” And they would wait… hiding anywhere they could squeeze their pathetic shivering corpses. Some would just drop to their knees where they stood, close their eyes… And wait for death. And you’d give it to them. I wish I could have seen it… Oh well.

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